Saturday, September 24, 2011

wahhhhh I'm sore.

Well, this has been a good week in the event that I have gotten really serious about getting in physical shape. I have always been relatively slender, and in okay shape, but I decided on Monday that I am going to get serious about getting as healthy as I possibly can before going into the transplant. From everything I have read, the healthier your body is going into the transplant, the easier it is to come out of it. Maybe if I really tone my muscles now, then it won't be quite as difficult to be able to regain strength after the transplant. It is really easy to lose a lot of strength when you spend your time with chemo infusions or TBI (total body irradiation), then the weeks that follow with getting sick and trying to keep any form of nourishment down. From what I gather, even standing is difficult with this strong of medicine. My plan is to be as toned as I possibly can be so that the long amount of time spent in bed won't be quite so hard on my body. I hope that after the transplant I am able to recover quickly and maybe being in top physical shape will give me the ability to get my life back when I am healthy some day.

Wednesday was my first workout with Audrey, our pastor's wife who is a certified physical trainer. It was definitely hard on my body, (I'm gonna blame the altitude for my ego's sake) but it was so informative in the most effective ways to work out my body. I have also cut out drinking any kind of carbonation from my diet, and I am seriously looking into doing a shakeology cleanse to really give my body a boost. This is by far the worst idea I have ever had, but I am going to stick to it until I have decided that it is the best idea I have ever had. I am determined to come out of this procedure, and I am going to do everything in my power to make sure that happens. I took a before picture... but I won't post it until I have an after picture so that way you can't judge my pudge :-)


  1. I love this! I am the same. I want to be Trim and Fit. I am not wanting my health anymore compromised because of me. I can do what I can and the Rest is God.

  2. Good idea. Rachel and I had the same idea and she actually went to the gym with me like five different times. We were both surprised by that! If anything it made it easier for her to do minor "physical therapy" at home after the chemo because the idea of working out wasn't as foreign to her and she had the confidence she could do it. Stick with it. Only good things can come from it.

  3. sore!!! Yay!!! good to hear! You've totally got this, I mean you've already got 6 minutes in the bag ;-) Keep it up, I'm sure it will really help with your recovery and overall health. I'm thrilled to get to help you with it all too!