Monday, October 24, 2011

Sorry, I know it's been awhile, and we still don't have internet hooked up here to I am updating this from my phone. Please excuse any typos for the time being ;-P Bryce and I went to see 50/50 last week, because I had heard from so many friends how good a movie it is. Don't get me wrong, it is a good movie, but just a little too uncomfortable for my tastes. If you are one of those people who gets all offended and grumpy when someone tells you things that happen in a movie that you haven't seen, skip the next paragraph. We will meet up when I explain about the doctor. The movie starts with an excessively vulgar scene talking about girls with Seth Rogan. Guess I Should expect excessive vulgarities being that it is a Seth Rogan film. Anyway blah blah the main character is diagnosed with cancer and the movie is about the process of treatment and coping and what not. The main character (Adam) has this live in girlfriend that offers to take care of him and be there for him, but you quickly find out that she had no idea as to what she signed up for. She takes him to the hospital for his first infusion, but refuses to go in with him because she doesn't want "bad vibes". When he's done with an infusion she doesn't answer her phone or come pick him up until two hours after he's done. Ultimately it turns out that she's cheating on him and blah blah they break up. It's not that I hated this writing, because it's extremely realistic to what goes on with someone who is sick at a young age. Almost TOO realistic if you ask me. It just brought up too many memories of being in the hospital and being completely avoided by whoever I was with at the time because no one wants to be with a girl who spends her free time in hospitals. Somehow, I have found that man, but reliving heartbreaks in the movie theater kinda sucks. The movie all in all is really well written when it comes to showing how the process works and feels of finding out you are sick and trying to get better. I am glad that this movie puts it publicly out there for people who have never been sick a day in their lives. Maybe it will give them some insight to not be so insensitive. I don't know. I just should have gone to see somethin else that wouldnt make me cringe every five seconds. OKAY. Time for some doctor updates. We met with the transplantist who comes to Grand Junction from Denver twice a month. He was friendly and wears a bow tie that matches his socks, so he passes my preliminary tests :-) He started off the conversation by informing me that he did his fellowship with Dr. Dale, the head doctor over the Severe Chronic Neutropenia registry. This alone is huge because usually every doctor that I've had has to learn about my disease and I am generally their first chronic neutropenia patient. This doctor has been studying my disease with the same doctors who diagnosed me. If that's not proof that God is involved in this situation, you're nuts. Anywho, Dr. Bruenvand told us that he has had a patient in the past who had my disease, with the same symptoms, and when they did some extensions testing, they found a low yielding lymphoma in her spleen. It's a long shot, but I will be travelling to Denver to get a cat scan and a pet scan if we can justify it to the insurance company. This is our last avenue To go down before taking the steps to the transplant. This doctor wants to exhaust every road we have before starting the transplant process because once you start it you can't undo it. He said his goal for me is to live a happy, healthy, long life. This may not sound like anything special to you, but for the past fourteen years, I have been seen by doctors who are just fine with me living a difficult life as long as I am alive for a few more years. This doctor wants to work with us for me to be healthy, which is a big change from my past conservative doctors. We sent off my HLA typings for testing, along with the kit to test my sister and brother's typings. We will see where this lands us. In case you haven't been completely convinced of God's presence in this process, the Colorado Blood Cancer Institute where my doctor is from, travels to BILLINGS MONTANA once a month to see patients. Of all the places in the world Bryce's company could have sent him, they sent him to the same place where my doctor already has an oncology clinic. We are feeling really good about this decision we will be making because we have such an amazing Team of doctors working with us and we all share the same goal. Thanks for all of your prayers and I will let you know how the scans go!

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  1. THat is great I hope and pray that everything goes well for .I am sure this hasnt been easy and it still wont be but you have a amazing man and amazing family supporting you.YOU DESERVE to live a happy healthy life.YOu are a amazing person great listener and great role model for others to never give up what they are fighting . I really hope all goes well for you .God bless you and bryce.

    Prayers will be with you.